The show subcommands are used to display all kinds of information about your system.

show agents

Provides summary information about agents configured in agents.conf.

show agi

    show agi [topic]

Displays usage information on the given command, when called with a topic as an argument. If called without a topic, provides a list of AGI commands.

    show agi channel status

show application

    show application application [application [application [...]]]

Displays extended information about one (or, optionally, more than one) given application.

    show application dial

show applications

Lists brief explanations of all currently available applications.

show channel

    show channel channel

Displays extended information about the given channel.

    show channel SIP/1000-3d43

show channels

Lists the currently defined channels and some information about them. If concise is specified, the format is abridged and presented in a more easily machine-parsable format.

show dialplan

show dialplan [context]

Shows the current state of the dialplan as loaded into memory. If a context name is appended to the end of the command, only that context will be shown. The show dialplan command is useful for verifying the order of pattern matching as well.

    show dialplan incoming

If you type show dialplan and then press the Tab key a few times, you'll be presented with a list of all the contexts in your dialplan. On the Asterisk CLI, the Tab key can yield all kinds of neat information. If in doubt, press Tab.

show indications

    show indications [country [...]]

Displays a condensed list of countries, or optionally a detailed list of indications for one or more countries. See also indications add and indications remove.

    show indications us

show keys

Lists the encryption keys on your system. Keys are stored in /var/lib/asterisk/keys/ and are loaded with the module.

show manager command

    show manager command command

Shows extended information about a Manager command. See also show manager commands.

    show manager command setvar

show manager commands

Lists all available Manager commands and their privilege levels, and gives a brief synopsis of each.

show manager connected

Lists all currently connected Manager agents. Manager agents are configured in manager.conf.

show modules

Lists currently loaded modules, gives a brief description of each, and shows the module use count.

show parkedcalls

Lists currently parked calls.

show queue

    show queue queue

Provides extended information about a particular queue.

    show queue customer_service

show queues

Provides extended information about all queues.

show translation

Displays a table of all codecs and their relative translation times between formats (provided in milliseconds). The higher the number, the more work is required to transcode between those formats. If the formats are native (i.e., the same), no transcoding is requiredAsterisk simply routes the packets, which requires very little processing time.

show uptime

Displays Asterisk's total uptime and the time since the last reload.

show version

Displays the currently installed version of Asterisk. The version is controlled through the .version file in the Asterisk sources. When updating the Asterisk source code, be sure to perform a make update to update this value. The correct version is required when submitting a bug report to the bug tracker (located at http://bugs.digium.combe sure to read the bug submission guidelines before submitting bugs!).

show voicemail users

    show voicemail users [for vm_context]

Displays the voicemail context, mailbox number, voicemail zone, and number of new messages for all voicemail users configured in voicemail.conf. Optionally, displays information for a specific voicemail context.

    show voicemail users for default

show voicemail zones

Displays the currently configured voicemail zones and their associated time zones and message formats.