Business VoIP

Business VoIP refers to VoIP services specially designed and configured for businesses. A business VoIP service can be very different than other VoIP services, which are not meant for business voice over ip use. Business VoIP services have characteristic VoIP features to serve that business activity. Many times the business VoIP service will be specially engineered to service that company best. When you choose a business VoIP service, the client has the choice to select a premise based VoIP solution or a hosted VoIP PBX. Hosted VoIP PBX solutions are becoming more and more popular due to cost savings and better voip feature offerings.

Hosted Business VoIP

Hosted Voice over IP Private Branch Exchange (Hosted VoIP PBX) are Internet-based phone system connected to a private branch exchange system, that is hosted and managed by a voip vendor. Since a Hosted Voice over IP Private Branch Exchange (hosted VoIP PBX) system is managed by another company the PBX system is often located in a remote location. Oftentimes the hosted VoIP PBX services provider is also a VoIP provider. Businesses usually value hosted VoIP PBX systems because they are more hands-off than IP-PBX systems, as everything is managed by a third party.

Business VoIP PBX

Voice over IP Private Branch Exchange (VoIP PBX) is a telephone switch that converts voip  phone calls into circuit-switched TDM connections. A VoIP PBX works with both analog and digital telephones. There are two types of VoIP PBX systems, hosted and on-premise. When a VoIP PBX system is on-premise, it is managed by the company that is utilizing the PBX. This means that the business has to hire engineers to manage the system. On-premise VoIP PBX systems are usually used by bigger companies with thousands of employees.