Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems: customers, employees, managers and business partners have come to expect anywhere-anytime connectivity. With Asterisk, the business phone system can match their on-demand, mobile and multi-channel ways of working. You already capitalize on IP for your Internet and other data communications. Why not exploit the productivity and cost-saving benefits of IP for voice communications as well?

IP Business phone systems simplify the network, reduce costs and deliver new features that traditional digital phone systems couldn’t even dream of. With IP voice and data on one unified network, employees can be located anywhere yet be as productive and accessible as if they were at their desks. Even small businesses and branch offices can have advanced capabilities for business phones. Asterisk makes it easy and affordable to run the business phone systems on IP, while extending the value of your existing infrastructure wherever possible.

Asterisk based business phone systems enable enterprise-quality business communications without having to purchase, install and maintain phone system equipment on-site. Your organization can benefit from a cloud-based business phone system with a unified communications solution that delivers advanced functionality. Whether you want to reduce capital expenses, free your IT talent from running the office business phone system or open the door to a new way of working through IP communications, Asterisk is the answer and will help you streamline your operation, vastly improve employee productivity and allow you to deliver far better service to your customers.

Business Phone Systems

A business phone system is defined as a telephony system, a centrex or a PBX system used by businesses. A unified communications business phone system enables a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer to operate like an extension of the phone system, with single number reach, click-to-dial, federated presence, group instant messaging and consolidated call and IM history stored in the cloud. HTML5 technology enables code portability across devices so that features and functionality are identical on every device type. Business phone systems have voice mail with Unified Messaging, with standard voice mail and auto attendant features, voice mail access from an email inbox, message notifications, soft key navigation of mailbox menus and the Follow Me feature for flexible call control.

Smartphone and Tablet Integration of Business Phone Systems

Workers on-the-go will be able to use select Apple and Android smartphones and tablets as office extensions, displaying their office extension in the Caller ID for ‘single number reach’ whether you are in or out of the office. In addition to accessing Asterisk's calling features, the mobile device client also synchronizes with the contact list from the business phone system and enables access to more advanced real-time communications like viewing presence status information and exchanging Instant Messages, even with colleagues external to the system. Converge the many ways your people communicate—desktop phones, cell phones, voice mail, email, multimedia conferencing, Web-based collaboration and more!

Desk Phone Pairing in a Business Phone System

Call control pairing between the UC client and Asterisk’s IP desk phones lets you control the desk phone using your smartphone or tablet. For example, you can dial from your mobile device, but pick up the call on your desk phone. This desk phone pairing is just one of the advanced capabilities available to increase productivity and ensure efficiency and continuity when communicating with important colleagues and customers. Given the immediacy of business demands, you can’t be out of
touch when away from your desk. Free your office desktop phone—with its associated privileges, preferences and features - to follow you anywhere within reach of an IP, cellular or wireless LAN connection. Even if the “office” is at home today, a conference center tomorrow, and a coffeehouse the next day, colleagues and customers can interact with you just as if you were in the office. Use your Apple iOS and Android smartphone—or a voice-equipped laptop or notebook computer - as a business phone system extension. Give out only your office number; the system finds you on your portable device while concealing your mobile number. See the status of colleagues and enjoy the ease of visual voice mail, instant messaging and group instant messaging.